“Tevat Paul” – visiting New York

In May 2022, Tevat Paul visited a few places in and near New York City connected to Levine’s life-story.

In 1956, the second son of four children, Paul A. Levine was born in New York City; he later admitted some “…dim memories from painfully musty Brighton Beach/Brooklyn apartments… …thinking and feeling Grandpa Levine, who took care of me and always brought fresh borscht to NJ.” (Levine, 2019.)

A Traveling Tombstone “Tevat Paul“ in New York; series: “Zweisam”; Sculptor: Robert Schmidt-Matt. Material: Diabas, 10 x 10 x 12 cm. Engraved: “Responsible irresponsibility – Paul A. Levine”. 2022.

It was 1964 or early 1965, in Emerson NJ, when two Jewish-American boys – Paul and Ric – on their daily walk to school and back walked along the Main Street, passed by the Armenian nursing home every day. Nearby, 500 meters east, on Elmwood Drive, was the home of their family. Paul was then a seven-year-old child and did not understand that he was observing Armenians who survived the genocide [1].

In 2019, Levine was the narrator of the film “The American Samaritans”, the film that reports about him traveling in the US, working for the project about the Armenian Genocide. [2]

[1] From Levine’s correspondence, April 2019, Paul A. Levine Library.
[2] The Armenian Mirror Spectator, 10. October 2019, New Film on Armenian Genocide Will Depict American Help to Suffering Armenians, by Nahapetyan, H.

[3] Levine, P. A., 7th Annual Hugo Valentin Lecturer, Introduction of Prof. Omer Bartov, 10 March 2009.

"1994- 1996: Rutgers University, Department of History, adjunct lecturer. Taught courses in history of the Holocaust, history methods and modern European history.
1994- 1996: Rutgers University, Director, The Raoul Wallenberg Professorship in Human Rights. Responsibilities included fundraising, development of Holocaust educational outreach programs for teachers, organizing public lectures and academic conferences, etc.
1992- 1993: Rutgers University, Department of History-- Visiting Lecturer & Fellow, The Raoul Wallenberg Professorship in Human Rights"
– Levine's Academic Employment and Positions. From CV, March, 2019.

"...I have known Dr. Levine's work since ... when he held the Raoul Wallenberg Professorship in Human Rights at Rutgers University." – Frank Chalk, 2016.

“Dr. Levine is well known and highly respected by scholars studying the Shoah and the history of genocide for his pioneering scientific research on Raoul Wallenberg’s role in Hungary; for his great achievement in co-authoring the most widely circulated and extensively translated popular history of the Holocaust, Tell Ye Your Children; and for his effective and energetic role as a public intellectual confronting the themes of rescue and by-standing during the Holocaust….” – Chalk, Frank, 2016.

On my way to the Montreal Institute for Genocide & Human Rights Studies, Concordia University,
to meet Professor Frank Chalk, I’ll talk to you soon..

Do you too feel connected to Professor Paul A. Levine and his work, and would you like to meet Tevat Paul, a Traveling Tombstone dedicated to the star-historian as well?

Drop me a note 📩  @CONTACT and let us schedule a meeting.

Elena Medvedev

A Traveling Tombstone “BEYAHAD LO NI-PAUL”

A Traveling Tombstone – the sculpture “BEYAHAD LO NI-PAUL” in memory of Paul A. Levine — a project in collaboration with sculptor Robert Schmidt-Matt and Elena Medvedev, the initiative “Paul A. Levine Library”…


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